I am actively recruiting highly motivated students who are ready to take on ambitious challenges. If you are interested in computer architecture research at UCLA, please feel free to send me a short email with your research interests and background.

I am broadly interested in architecture, microarchitecture, compilers and programming languages to support demanding applications on next generation hardware. Constraints on technology are pushing architects to develop customized hardware for different application scenarios, and there is growing consensus that significant degrees of heterogeneity are necessary. Much of the burden of improving computer systems will be on computer architects, not only in designing new hardware, but also in figuring out how to rapidly codesign the many components of systems (eg. compilers and architecture). This is exciting for architects because our task is critical and extremely challenging.

My research requires a variety of different skills and expertise, including:


If you have some of the above skills, are passionate about architecture research, and love to work really hard, please feel free to reach out. Some guidelines: