DSAGEN Framework

DSAGEN is a framework for generating accelerators. Accelerators are defined as a graph of architecture primitives (PEs, switches, memory, etc.). There is support for compilation from low-level C+intrinsics, as well as C programs with some custom pragmas.

DSAGEN is under heavy development, and as such has many bugs; we expect another major release after supporting FPGA overlays.


GemForge is a framework for exploring CPU specialization, including both in-core accelerators, and novel forms of memory-access specialization.

UNIT Tensorizing Compiler

UNIT is an automatic tensoring compiler for TVM, targetting both NVIDIA Tensor Cores CPU SIMD (Intel VNNI, ARM DOT). It enables developers to extend TVM with intrinsics without requiring customized program transformations, and has a simple interface for code generation.

PRISM Accelerator Modeling Framework

This is our gen1 accelerator modeling framework, posted online for posterity. (GemForge is our newer framework which adds support for LLVM-based traces (rather than simulator uop traces). PRISM uniquely supports critical path modeling of microarchitecture dependence graphs.)