Infinity Stream: Portable and Programmer-Friendly In-/Near-Memory Fusion
Zhengrong Wang, Christopher Liu, Aman Arora, Lizy John, Tony Nowatzki

OverGen: Improving FPGA Usability through Domain-specific Overlay Generation
Sihao Liu, Jian Weng, Dylan Kupsh, Atefeh Sohrabizadeh, Zhengrong Wang, Licheng Guo, Jiuyang Liu, Maxim Zhulin, Lucheng Zhang, Jason Cong, Tony Nowatzki
MICRO 2022 (Best Paper Nominee)

Unifying Spatial Accelerator Compilation with Idiomatic and Modular Transformations
Jian Weng, Sihao Liu, Dylan Kupsh, Tony Nowatzki
IEEE Micro Special Issue on Compiling for Accelerators, 2022

Infinity Stream: Enabling Transparent and Automated In-Memory Computing
Zhengrong Wang, Christopher Liu, Tony Nowatzki
CAL 2022

TaskStream: Accelerating Task-Parallel Workloads by Recovering Program Structure
Vidushi Dadu, Tony Nowatzki

Near-Stream Computing: General and Transparent Near-Cache Acceleration
Zhengrong Wang, Jian Weng, Sihao Liu, Tony Nowatzki
HPCA 2022

PolyGraph: Exposing the Value of Flexibility for Graph Processing Accelerators
Vidushi Dadu, Sihao Liu, Tony Nowatzki
ISCA 2021 (pptx, video)

Stream Floating: Enabling Proactive and Decentralized Cache Optimizations
Zhengrong Wang, Jian Weng, Jason Lowe-Power, Jayesh Gaur, Tony Nowatzki
HPCA 2021 (Best Paper Runner Up) (slides, pptx, video)

UNIT: Unifying Tensorized Instruction Compilation
Jian Weng, Animesh Jain, Jie Wang, Leyuan Wang, Yida Wang, Tony Nowatzki
CGO 2021 (slides, video)

Hardware Acceleration of Sparse and Irregular Tensor Computations of ML Models:A Survey and Insights
Shail Dave, Riyadh Baghdadi, Tony Nowatzki, Sasikanth Avancha, Aviral Shrivastava, Baoxin Li
PIEE, 2021

DSAGEN: Synthesizing Programmable Spatial Accelerators
Jian Weng, Sihao Liu, Vidushi Dadu, Zhengrong Wang, Preyas Shah, Tony Nowatzki
ISCA 2020 (slides, pptx)

A Hybrid Systolic-Dataflow Architecture for Inductive Matrix Algorithms
Jian Weng, Sihao Liu, Zhengrong Wang, Vidushi Dadu, Tony Nowatzki
HPCA 2020 (slides, pptx)

Heterogeneous Von Neumann/Dataflow Microprocessors
Tony Nowatzki, Vinay Gangadhar, Karthikeyan Sankaralingam
Communications of the ACM, 2019

DAEGEN: A Modular Compiler for Exploring Decoupled Spatial Accelerators
Jian Weng, Sihao Liu, Vidushi Dadu, Tony Nowatzki
Computer Architecture Letters, 2019

Towards General Purpose Acceleration by Exploiting Common Data-Dependence Forms
Vidushi Dadu, Jian Weng, Sihao Liu, Tony Nowatzki
MICRO 2019 (slides, pptx)

┬ÁIR -An intermediate representation for transforming and optimizing the microarchitecture of application accelerators
Amirali Sharifian, Reza Hojabr, Navid Rahimi, Sihao Liu, Apala Guha, Tony Nowatzki, Arrvindh Shriraman
MICRO 2019

Stream-based Memory Access Specialization for General Purpose Processors
Zhengrong Wang, Tony Nowatzki
ISCA 2019 (slides, pptx)

Hybrid Optimization/Heuristic Instruction Scheduling for Programmable Accelerator Codesign Tony Nowatzki, Newsha Ardalani, Karthikeyan Sankaralingam, Jian Weng
PACT 2018 (slides, pptx)

An LLVM-IR Datagraph-Based Simulator for Flexible Design Space Exploration over Accelerator Architectures
Zhengrong Wang
Masters Thesis

Stream-Dataflow Acceleration
Tony Nowatzki, Vinay Gangadhar, Newsha Ardalani, Karthikeyan Sankaralingam
ISCA 2017